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450 Bushmaster


Our 450 Bushmaster Barrel consistantly delivers 1.0 MOA accuracy or better.

223 Wylde National Match Barrel


Kent Roach won the 2014 Ohio State Service Rifle Championship at Camp Perry, Ohio on May 10th, 2014. Kent was shooting our Gryphon Trading LLC 20” National Match Barrel with Black Nitride treatment chambered in 223/5.56 Wylde with 1x8 twist. 

Kent's Scorecard:
200 Yards Slow Fire Standing:  189- 5X
200 Yards Rapid Fire Siting:  200- 6X
300 Yards Rapid Fire Prone: 199-12X (the X ring is sub MOA at this distance)
600 Yards Slow Fire Prone: 199- 4X


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223 Wylde National Match Barrel


Our 20" NM and HBAR barrels deliver great accuracy with a wide variety of bullet weights from 52 grains all the way up to 80 grains. Here is a four shot group at 100 Yards, measuring 0.40 Inches Center to Center. The bullet fired was a Sierra Match King 52 Grain BTHP.